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Panton Era Tufted Leather Tulip Base Club Chairs


Mel and I saw these chairs on eBay a couple of months back and we bought them. They were in Salem Oregon. We shot up there over one weekend and snagged them while we were up there picking up a couch, chair and ottoman set.


These had some condition issues when we got them. There were some cracks in the base that I had to fill and paint.


The fabric is in fantastic condition for its age. I assume these were produced sometime in the 70’s.


I searched all over these pieces and could not find any makers mark. These are made of thick, hard plastic not fiberglass.


The cushions attach to the plastic shell with buttons.


I think it looks great next to our space age lamp/shelf and that large Letterman.


On to the next post!

In The Beginning


This is the first official post for Space Age Mod! We are not new to the blog scene, you might know us as Hepcat Restorations. The reason for this branch off is because we have an opportunity to decorate in other eras we have always loved; space age, mod and new wave. This new blog will cover decor and nostalgia from the late 1960’s-1980’s, and even a sprinkle of modern. Though we love the time periods we blog about in Hepcat Restorations, there is a lot of amazing stuff in the eras this new blog will cover. We look forward to sharing details about these time periods and hearing what you remember!

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